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bad scan by ParsnipSniffer bad scan by ParsnipSniffer
I hate scanning things out of textbooks.
I think I used too much contrast because it's hard to tell the black is shading
I tried.
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RisingMelodies Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007
your scanner scans better than mine does...
*steals you TABLET*
Riza-Doodle Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2006
I love the very very deep shadows, and the text is also very pretty. It's really, really nice for text done by hand! =D :+fav:
Ninque-Aiwe Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2006
the letters are pretty. and the shadow, and the very most top left corner feather.

Diane, you're so cool I might just kidnap you and sell you. and then buy you again, so you could draw for me.
but i'm too nice for that. =P
Gothamite Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2006   Photographer

love your lettering and how you draw your eyes/faces! oh and the feathers too !!
XEbonyxWingsX Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2006
the hands a tad bit small though
but other than that... its flawless
Rajika Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2006
paah Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2006
dude. that is SO COOL. D: D: D: darn your skills! i love how you wrote "freeze time" it looks hecka awesome! and the swirls at the bottom = SMECKS

i also totally love how you draw hair. in like every single drawing you do. D:
ParsnipSniffer Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2006
xDDDD I change the hair depending on my mood o__O;;;;
and thanks.
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